EasyCLA - Contributor License Agreement (CLA) management tool for Companies and Developers

CommunityBridge: EasyCLA

Ship More Code. Chase Fewer Signatures.

For contributors, maintainers, and the companies supporting their own developers, Contributor License Agreements (CLAs) can seem like they just get in the way of growing the community around a project

EasyCLAstreamlines the process of getting developers authorized under a project’s CLA for everyone

  • Coders can code more quickly by reducing manual steps to get themselves authorized.
  • Corporations and projects can save time by reducing manual steps managing CLAs and their signatures
  • Both Individual and Corporate CLA signing can be enforced for developers contributing to a project using GitHub or Gerrit
  • Currently available on all Linux Foundation hosted projects

Whom Is EasyCLA For?


Get started contributing code faster and with less friction.

  • Receive an automatic notification in GitHub or Gerrit if you need to be authorized
  • Sign your Individual CLA with an e-signature
  • Start contributing faster with a streamlined authorization workflow for Corporate CLAs


Reduce administrative hassles of supporting the CLA for your project.

  • Look in one place to find the companies and individuals who have signed the CLA
  • Support both Individual and Corporate Contributors within a single portal
  • Enable Companies to manage authorization of their own developers


Enable all your developers to contribute code easily and quickly while remaining compliant with contribution policies:

  • Whitelist developers based on email, domain, GitHub handle, or GitHub organization
  • Enable your signatories and contributors to sign CLAs using DocuSign® electronic signatures
  • Enforce signing of the Corporate CLA by your developers without slowing them down with manual bureaucracy

How EasyCLA Works

Below is a high-level flow of how EasyCLA works. The Project Manager (who can be a project maintainer or someone from the Linux Foundation, depending on how you’ve been set up) starts the process by setting up their preferred CLA.

Once EasyCLA has been enabled to enforce agreements, the workflow starts when a Developer attempts to contribution to the project. Detailed user steps can be found in our public documentation on GitHub.